Dear friends,

May i introduce you “UCU”

“XO” is the very first name of UCU when i create it in 2007

UCU are One of the first Indonesia’s DIY (Do it Yourself) Resin toy line up. I sculpted in early 2007.

The first XO project are for SAMSONS (indonesian local Band). They want to made their new Band merchandise line up which have their face design templates applied on it, so i offer them to be produce in XO.

After the project are done, I arranged a business plan and starting to do the re development in My XO.

It took 3 years of doing research, collecting peoples and community testimonies about this figure.

There’s One catchy word that came out from most peoples testimonies, that word are “LUCU” or “UCU” (it means cute in English, might be because its small, fat and rounded). And most peoples are always asked me “How much?” or “can I buy this one” which i didn’t sell at that time.~sorry~

So in early 2010 decide to called it “UCU” Right at that moment!!! ( its easier for peoples to pronounce it than forcing their tongue to pronounce XOXO) heheh..

Gaining and collecting peoples positive reaction through the three whole years are making me confidence to run this business deeper. At the end, in December 2010, UCU was Launched in Jakarta Hellofest 2010.

Thank you God for all your full support, blessing, passion and patience. πŸ™‚

Thank you for all of your support friends. πŸ™‚

UCU are sold for more than 270 pieces from December 2010 until now. All are handpainted and hand sculpted by myself.

Hopefully things will getting better in terms of process and improvement.

Sleepless, Getting fat (not much!, slowly and Automatically!! -_-“) and shoulder cramps, finally All are paid off haha :p

Okay friends, πŸ™‚

Best regards and Have a Good marvelous Day


Local Raise Up!!!


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