This section is for my character sculpting portfolio. All my sculpting that presented here are taken from the most well known Indonesian Legendary story. from the world Wayang!!  First character that published are the King Rahwana in march 2010, exhibited in The 6th Jakarta Toys Fair 2010. The second character is The mighty Hanoman, firstly exhibited in Plastic Cultures Event “Munny world”.  The latest character i sculpted is the most Indonesian legendary Epic hero, yes!! he is the One Brave heart Gatot Kaca.

All sculptures i made are using sculpting wax on prototype and resin in duplications. All are hand painted by me and airbrushed with One of the Best modeling and character painter in Indonesia “Jimmy Sutrisno”. He’d done a lots of marvelous paint job since 2003.

The only reason of why i picked up Wayang for my sculptures base of interests, is because i love the historical cultures and stories of Indonesian legends, from Hanoman, Balinese Barong until Pandawa lima. Its just not a regular common heroic story, but each story has it own rich positive morality message that drove your mind into wider and bigger point of view for you to appreciate life in passion, patience and walk your life in wisdom, justice and peace. And the its so damn imaginative!!!!

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