About Arno

Arno.F  House of Icons!

Established in 2006, House Of Icons (HOI) were founded by Arno. In objective to realizing his dream, being a freelance artist at that time was not enough for surviving life. So he tried to get his goals and his dream into reality by running a small sculpture home studio , named House of Icons. In 2007 he got his first client from “TIKI JNE” a commission project to made a JNE icons for the TIKI company. And successfully handled his 2nd clients “SAMSON Band” in 2008 to made  templates of Samson Band Urban toys, the client satisfied, and more clients are keep on coming until now.

In 2010 House Of Icons launched the first series of “INDONESIAN WAYANG MYTHOLOGY” with the very first two character in premium format statue of “KING RAHWANA” and “MIGHTY HANOMAN”. He is the first young sculptor in Indonesia who’d brought INDONESIAN WAYANG Character into 3 Dimensional Sculpture in “Premium Format” with One purpose is to introducing the richness and uniqueness  stories and cultures of Indonesia to the world nowadays.

Through the though competition of creative industries in Asia. he never lost his creativity to find a fresh and unique concept to grab a potential, dynamic young and creative market, then he started to re developed and re visited his past artworks called “UCU”. Re branding UCU in 2010 is not an easy work to be done, He must get through a lot of market perception, rejection and  expectation. The main objectives is to deliver the quality and the purposes of creating UCU to the market. Then as the time goes by, House of icons are slowly increasing their market awareness of UCU. And now, House Of Icons are proudly presents you Icons Of The 7th Jakarta Toys Fair 2011 “UCU” The new media of Painting.

Welcome To House Of Icons! When Local Raise Up!!

Best Regards


Founder of House Of Icons


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